When we act with great patience,
compassion, and empathy,
we act from the highest good,
move toward the highest excellence.
From the depths of inner realization,
loving the unlovable,
helping the needy,
we fathom the sacred unity of All.


In the midst of experience
we sometimes find ourselves
wrapped within soulful boundaries
and inexplicable excellence.
Everything is ultimately united,
joined by the cosmic source
flowing through every strand, string, and quark,
through every stone and boulder,
through every beating heart.


When our paths become meditations,
when our trek discovers its bliss,
the universe is our companion.
Traveling this forest of possibilities
in all four directions,
although the future is unknowable,
our partial realizations--magnificent,
of life and light, dread and zest--lie within.
If we can't claim their insights in the flow
of this moment, where else will we find them?


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Copyright 1991, 1993, 2006, Gary Kline