The Ground of Mystery

Without friends the way is lorn.
A soulful necessity and misfortune's bulwark,
friendships make this journey worthwhile.
Friends' embrace is wealth, our spirit's balm.

True friendship is empathic.
Enduring through prosperous times and lean,
its strengths are sustenance,
understanding and acceptance.

Lasting friendships are rare.
Consideration and expression help maintain them;
a continuing--though not necessarily constant--effort,
like the dedication to a verdant garden.

The ground of friendship is a mystery.
The magnetic attraction of inner self to others is,
like the deepest love, priceless;
its gentle sunshine essential to health, to life.


Copyright 2001, Gary Kline

1    Adapted from "Arab proverb" in Zen Meditations: On Being a True Friend, p. 98. Sourcebooks, Inc, Naperville, IL, 2000.