Petals of the Continuum

This path unfolds--petals of the continuum:
treating Life itself as meditation,
as discipline for the warrior soul,
its sorrows and pleasures inward writ.

Meditation whispers to our core;
its inner illumination relinquishes
struggles to our spirit's strength.
It eases bonds of circumstance.

Whomever would still the rust of anxieties
walks with the wisdom of simplicity.
At dawn, at dusk, to silence the static,
we retire within, following the sacred breath.
We thus return to our still, calm center.

Sparing moments to savor dawn's golden flame,
dusk's royal transition to nightfall,
the hallowed midnight, conscious of
eternal constellations, we track the transcendent.

Wrapped in the warmth of meditation,
insights yield a healing peace. The deeper our search
the more profound the rewards. Without an inward belief
life becomes a whirlwind, mindlessly spinning.


Table of Contents
Copyright 2001, Gary Kline