Striking the Midnight

The better path discovers
enduring pleasures of simplicity:
meditation, forest, brook, daybreak,
solitude, rebirth of the spirit.

Rediscovered, the true self awakens
appreciation of the natural, the unalloyed;
it is the soul's sunrise.

Solitude is a balm for the weary heart,
cool water soothing a parched throat.
It yields introspection,
opportunities for self-discovery.
Insights illuminate like lightning flashes
striking the midnight.

Amid the world's turbulence, silence wraps
secluded moments: necessary for the mind
as courage spanning hours of adversity.

Like wiping dust from a mirror,
examining the heart within solitude's reflectivity,
patiently watching thoughts meander
we are least alone.


Table of Contents
Copyright 2001, Gary Kline