Rhyme of the Soul

The deepest part of the soul is calm
like the resonant silence of winter's night.

When we cultivate a temperament
calm as a summer's dawn
we will sidestep many thorns and pitfalls
while striding these winding trails.
The harmony of living fully is felt
in the silence of the soul
where wonder and beauty are revealed.

Within the sinuous turns of this journey we will
find wisdom and even-mindedness
and the arts of living in harmony with
the rhyme of our soul
where calm is never stirred.

Inner strength is calm,
showing depth of character, like a deep wood.
The tranquility of fortitude carries
a mien of power
and conveys the bearing of an earnest nature.

The strengths of kindness and charity entwine
themselves with the symphony of our heart.


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Copyright 2001, Gary Kline