Roots of Malevolence

The excesses of greed, like hatred,
are roots of malevolence born of insecurities;
driven by our lowest impulse.
Unchecked, these toxins annihilate,
vanquish all goodness and integrity.
Acknowledgment is the first step toward its demise.
By lessening the arrogance of egocentrism,
calming spurious self-doubts,
we sever our attachment to greed's corrosion.

Is greed naught but the shadows of death's terror?
Understanding the sheer transiency of this journey,
striding toward disengagement,
we follow a wiser path.
Detaching, we step outside the greed's deadly shadows:
we temper vengeance and recriminations,
weaknesses that yield the taste of emptiness.
The human spirit reaches its zenith when it surrenders
the roots of malevolence. Sunset comes too quickly.


Table of Contents
Copyright 2001, Gary Kline