The Eagle's Pass

Whoever would stride the warrior path:
selflessness is the point of embarkation.
Imbued with bravery, the wise
trek thoughtful paths through life's theaters.

Embodying warriorhood,
womens' strengths embrace fidelity,
Closer to reality,
attuned to mastering sorrows and joys,
their energies
kindle flames of victory.

The warrior discovers the delights of challenge
that design new ways of understanding eternity.
This realm knows the reach of self-confidence
and has the courage to shower kindness.

The vigilance of right-judgment
follows the path of knowledge.
Courage is victory's backbone,
a keystone of valor:
essential on these craggy peaks.
When joined with grace, harmony follows.
Ancient energies of soul, of body,
point to the eagles' pass.


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Copyright 2001, Gary Kline