This sphere is strewn
with shards of sorrow's scars.
Some sorrow, in its iron intensity
defies speech and tears.
Even the promise life has to offer.

All who follow these chaotic paths
share these burdens.
They are inescapable as death and bliss.

The longer we stare at the river
of misfortunes the further
we stray into the brambles.
Transcending distinctions between
joy and tragedy Liberates.

As this brief stream meanders through
valleys and fields, appreciating both
sufferings and joys signifies life-mastery.

Trusting native strengths we overcome
difficulties to discover self-reliance.
It founds responsibilities on the granite
of our Being; it guarantees a surefooted trek
as we stride shifting sands.


Table of Contents
Copyright 2001, Gary Kline