North Wind

Our hearts are masks of tragedy when misfortune strikes.
When grief haunts the canyons of our souls we wander,
lost in the autumn gales that scour our Being. The pale horse
of brutality closes a child's eyes, memories of a parent's death
are grey winter rains.  Grief bludgeons all with unique tortures.

Within the calm of deep sorrow
and shelter of our inner light we find a majestic understanding.
Prayer and meditation help our passage thru blind valleys.
Day by day the waves of anguish will fade.

Faced with adversity we accept its iron challenge,
knowing that the wail of grief is universal.
Bravely bearing tragedy inspires seasons of reflection;
we realize what is important and what trivial,
set free to scale cragged summits.


Table of Contents
Copyright 2001, Gary Kline