Sometimes warrior-courage is the only remedy for
Life's reign of sorrow--
its depths endured, as bliss is endured.
Never forgotten, dignities long past learned and
borne well, can see us through pain to strengths unimagined.

Fortitude, victory's brother, lends tranquility
to help us surmount pain that this journey holds.
Fortitude helps us endure the unbearable;
it imparts insights understood only by unconscious seas.

Patience born from depths of determination
is a cedar, stubborn-clinging to a sheer cliff.
Patience wears the granite face of wisdom,
discovering the truth of humility and joy.
Hope and faith stand in its silence.

Silence transcends tears, carries the soul from the
summit to the abyss, stronger than the storms of grief.
Standing up to the vertigo of life's limitless
twists can strengthen resolve, can lengthen stride.

All miseries and joys are transitory--as life itself is.
For this moment we stay the course with
our steel of fortitude.
The world, solid behind our will, redeems and reinforces it.
Our burdens, labors and grief, are sufferings entwined with the world's.


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Copyright 2001, Gary Kline