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—gary kline

A Few Words

Welcome to the home page for Jottings

This is a continuing project of personal aphorisms or meditations that were originally one or two prose paragraphs. Most of these thoughts were jotted down during the 1980's. A few are newer. The thoughts offered here are mostly of a Zen- and Taoist-style— as well of basically existentialist philosophical-nature—.     I hope to complete this work sometime in 2010 or 2011.     (I want to complete these jottings as much as I can here before committing this to ink and paper.)   Before looking for a publisher. 1 In trying to find a publisher for my novel I have come across the "Publish-On-Demand" model. For those who want to curl up with the jotting, a POD book seems like a good idea.   ...In any case, you will always be able to find these pages here, freely available.    [A downloadable PDF version is in the works, as well.]

(The Introduction page has a brief background on these mumblings. The Acknowledgments page lists only a fraction of those who have helped me along the way.)

Personal feedback, questions, comments, quips, whatever, will reach me at
Gary Kline


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1.    Part of the proceeds from any ink+paper published version of Jottings will go to Amnesty International.

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